Monday, July 13, 2009

Caribbean Circuit by Sir Harry Luke (1950)

Caribbean Circuit by Sir Harry Luke

Sir Harry (1884-1969) served as the Private Secretary to the High Commissioner of Cyprus, a role that would lead him into a relationship with the island that lasted the span of 50 years. His job sent him on voyages to far flung places inspiring, in turn, a wealth of books and endless geographic articles on such locations as the South Pacific, Palestine and Cyprus.

He had a special relationship with Cyprus and its people. Legend has it that whenever Sir Harry was invited into a local home, he would make straight to the kitchen and involve himself in the rhythms of food prepreation. Many of the recipes he soaked up in these homes were included in his cookery book from 1954, The Tenth Muse.

The book pictured above, is included here due to a transformation brought about by its original owner. He/she has turned the book into an even greater treasure by his/her layering of newspaper aricles regarding Sir Harry and the Caribbean over numerous pages in the book, thus imbuing the book with a rather strange alternative historical reality.

The book sets exquisite photography amongst elegant writing. Add to this the layers of carefully cut out and pasted in clippings, the book becomes a work of art in itself. There are a multitude of stories and secrets to be discovered here...

Come into the shop and see for youself.

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