Friday, July 17, 2009

The latest on Mediterranean archaeology has arrived.

Moufflon’s latest archaeological release:
Cyprus and the East Aegean: Intercultural Contacts from 3000-500BC
Vassos Karageorghis and Ourania Kouka (Eds.)
Language: English, soft cover, 264 pages, colour, black and white plates.
Moufflon price: €55,00 (incl. VAT)

Interested in Cypriot archaeology? Moufflon has the best collection of books on Cypriot anthropology and archaeology on the island. This is the latest collection of papers, resulting from an international archaeological symposium held at Pythagoreion, Samos in October 2008.

The research centres on a topic that is intent on holding the spotlight within Mediterranean archaeology. Modern trends in archaeology consider the Mediterranean a cultural lake in which Cyprus played a pivotal role from around 1500-500BC. People are now realising the significant role of intercultural relations in shaping the civilisations of the Aegean and the Western Mediterranean. In this new scenario, Cyprus plays an important role, not only as a place which receives foreign influences, but also as a place of cultural production which in turn influenced neighbouring civilizations.
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